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Crosley CR401-TA Record Carrier Case for 30+ Albums, Tan Review

Crosley CR401-TA Record Carrier Case for 30+ Albums, Tan Review


Model: CR401-TA



    • Holds 30+ Albums
    • Chrome snap closure
    • Corner guards
    • Metal and resin Handle



CR401-TA Reviews

“Pricey But Well-Made”

Had two great big cardboard boxes of vinyl in my storage space that were taking up WAY too much distance. Additionally, they were heavy– youngsters today, with their fancy-pants lightweight CDs and high-falootin e-lec-tronic MP3 files, are clueless (clueless I say!) Andlt;shakes cane for emphasis> regarding how hard we grown-ups had it when WE were children, blowing out our backs whenever we wanted to move our record collection throughout the room. So I recently decided theres no way Im going to turn over my precious Herb Alpert set to the Salvation Army just because the boxes were always getting in my own way. No, I needed a storage alternative. Input the Crosely CR401-TA. My very first reaction–it merely holds 30 records? Hell. . .that meant I needed to buy four! The dimensions appeared lean–until you remember the burden of piled vinyl records. Really 30 is reasonable. If you pushed 50 in there, then you wouldnt like lifting the thing. Bear in mind, the case itself adds another 10 pounds. My next response–fiddy bucks? Ive had root canals that price less (they can do them in the regional veterinary dental school at no cost). But after I received my cases, I was impressed with the quality of the construction–heavy duty sides, together with corner bumpers and a strongly-mounted carry-handle. Along with the attractive beige vinyl finish imparts the charm of Corinthian leather, without the haunting guilt of bovine slaughter. The cases look as though they ought to last a lifetime. Still, I’d say they are a tad overpriced for what you get. I price-shopped these aggressively on the interweb for a few months before buying, and came away empty handed. If you are able to find one to get an even fifty, or a dollar or two less, thats as good as it gets. Hoping that the explanation is that theyre produced in America.The strange free hinge lid layout is an acquired taste–the lid completely detaches in the situation when you flip it open. Maybe removing the lid makes it much easier to flip through the records without the weight of the open lid tipping the situation over backwards? However not sure I get it.So, a nicely-made, good-looking, space-saving product which telegraphs Im a card-carrying hoarder who can afford the best. Minus one star for its bizarre lid thing, and the price.

Crosley CR401-TA Record Carrier Case for 30+ Albums, Tan Review | CR401-TA Review


“ Very Well Made Class Act – Really Does Hold 30 Records”

Every once in a while I ask myself should I really carry on to my vinyl albums? They’re taking up plenty of bookshelf space. Space I could use to maintain a double-stack of novels. These Crosley carriers have answered my question. I am able to clear the bookcase and keep my albums.And what a course approach to do it. Ironically, the only improvement I’d make to these carriers would be to get a slot on the front or the very best for a detachable label. Can this carrier hold the Christmas albums or the A-C albums or perhaps the Soundtrack collection? It would help to get a place to get a removable label, which means you can change the tag if needed.The merchandise description states that every carrier can hold 30 albums. That is correct. The image attached shows a carrier using 27 records, including a few double-albums. It is possible to see that this still has room to thumb through the records. For the best andquot;thumbingandquot;, I think 25 records per company works nicely. For full-bore storage, nevertheless, you can match in more.I dont think Id need a carrier that could hold more albums. This stuffed carrier is hefty enough as it is. When closed, the case feels sturdy because it’s carried from the attached manage. Said manage, anyway, isnt a flimsy plastic handle, but a genuine handle for a real load, even though I must admit I havent been moving a company around to see how it holds up.I like the flip-off lid. You’ve got to take care to line up the back hinges before you lock the front, but that isnt difficult.Definitely 4.6 stars, rounded up to 5. Joyful Reader

Crosley CR401-TA Record Carrier Case for 30+ Albums, Tan Review | CR401-TA Review